Latest Hearing Aids

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The latest hearing aids are getting smaller and more discreet, but they still have the power to make a huge difference in someone’s life. This article will help you learn about what the latest hearing aids can do, how much they cost, and other important information that anyone who is looking into hearing aids should know!

If you haven’t upgraded your hearing aids for a few years you will be very pleasantly surprised how things have improved.

You may still be using battery-powered digital hearing aids. Not only are batteries an additional expense, but they are also fiddly to change. You always have to carry spare batteries with you just in case. Additionally, they are of course not very environmentally friendly. Having to manufacture, package and then distribute and deliver batteries generates a lot of waste. There are also the environmental considerations of all those deliveries…

The latest Hearing Aids features

So there is wireless recharging, Bluetooth, and even mobile phone compatibility. This latest technology brings enormous benefits to hearing aid users with wireless capabilities including no more fiddly batteries. Simply recharge your aids overnight using the wireless charger.

The wireless charging feature is hugely beneficial and also very fast. A quick charge will make your hearing aids usable all day. The rechargeable batteries will also last for years.

Think of Bluetooth as a form of “nearby” wireless network. Essentially it will let you connect your hearing aids to other Bluetooth compatible devices. These devices can be:

  • Televisions
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablet and regular computers
  • Streaming devices

What this means is that the sound from any of these devices is transmitted straight to your ear via your hearing aid. This of course greatly improves the quality of what you can hear and allows you to adjust the volume to your personal needs.

Another huge advantage of Bluetooth hearing devices is that you can adjust them via your own phone. This means that you can do simple things, like change the volume yourself. Additionally, you can also allow your audiologist, like Leek Hearing for example! to change the settings in your hearing aids via your phone and the connection it has to your aids. This is all done with an app on your phone and is very simple and secure.

Latest Hearing Devices


One of the latest hearing aids on the market is the Starkey Livio AI. The design of this hearing aid is as small and discreet as possible in all sizes. Making it a good choice for people who are self-conscious about their appearance. The Livio also has some other great features, like being able to connect wirelessly with other devices like mobile phones and TVs.

New in 2021, Oticon released the Oticon More. The design of this latest hearing aid provides an even more natural listening experience by better understanding the unique characteristics of each person’s hearing loss.

Oticon has always been a leader in hearing devices. Their latest hearing aids are no exception! If you want to buy the latest and greatest, you should consider the Oticon More.

“The Lyric” is one of the most unique hearing aids. This device is about as small as a pea, which makes it barely noticeable in your ear. It also comes with an app that can make adjustments to help you hear better. It has pre-sets based on where you are or what the noise levels around you happen to be like at any given time.

Another great thing about The Lyric is that it’s water-resistant up to three feet deep for 30 minutes! That means if something happens and your hearing aid gets wet or submerged, you don’t need to worry. This little guy will still work after being dried off with a towel.

Digital Hearing Aids

This year also brought us the new Widex Moment range. The latest hearing aids from Widex offer a number of benefits, including improved connectivity and ease-of-use.

They have new Puresound™ technology which brings an even more natural sound. The rechargeable batteries can also provide over 30 hours of usage, including streaming sound to them from your phone or other Bluetooth device.

All in all 2021 has brought some fantastic advances to hearing aid technology. 2022 promised even more so now really is the time to come and see us so we can assess your hearing, for free. If you need hearing aids for the first time, no problem, if you want to upgrade your devices no problem either. Make an appointment and we can discuss all of the options available to you.

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